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Int'l Cooperation News
CNGI demonstration project "multi-media video on demand system" passed the acceptance test [2008-08-04]
Prof. T.S. HUANG visited IACAS [2008-06-23]
Prof. Masato Akagi from JAIST visited IACAS [2008-05-26]
Prof. Blauert Calls on IACAS [2008-04-23]
Guests from Valenciennes University called on IACAS [2008-03-14]
IACAS and IBP signed Cooperation Agreement [2007-12-21]
Academician LI Qihu shared his experience in PRUAC'2007 [2008-04-07]
Scholars of Curtin University of Technology visited IACAS [2007-11-14]
Three Australian Scholars visited Donghai Station [2007-11-06]
Prof. Victor Zue visited our institute [2007-11-06]
Prof. Mulhearn of University of Sydney visited Donghai Station [2009-07-07]
Dr. Li Junfeng of JAIST visited our institute [2009-07-07]
Professors of Nanyang Technological University visited our institute [2007-07-27]
Professor Andrew Ball was invited to visit our institute [2007-06-23]
How could human beings get the perception of pitch? [2007-06-18]
Report on Concept, Standards and New Topics in Digital Video Technology [2007-06-11]
Dr. Shi Yang: A young and promising profess [2007-05-28]
2007 ICU Vienna [2007-05-14]
Professor Yao Kung paid a visit to our institute [2007-05-11]
Professor Stanley Flatte Visited Our Institute [2007-05-11]

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