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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Underwater objects classification method in high-resolution sonar images using deep neural network(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
The acoustic field of a three-stage traveling-wave thermoacoustic engine(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
Sound absorption characteristics of underwater flexible micro-perforated sound absorption structures(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
Second-order harmonic field characteristics at solid-solid interface with P wave incidence(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
Non-Gaussian ocean ambient noise model with certain kurtosis(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
Music separation method based on repeating structural model and sound source separation(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
High resolution underwater acoustic image measurement method based on deconvolution(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
Fractal description and fractal dimension estimation of the wheel-rail rolling noise in high-speed railway(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
An underwater acoustic imaging method for pattern recognition(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
A broadband high resolution direction of arrival estimation algorithm based on conditional wavenumber spectral density(2020 No.4) [2021-01-04]
Tunable photoacoustic efficiency in infrared of gold nanotubes with gel shells(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Time reversal imaging of suspended target in strong reverberation(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
The influence of correlation delay and spectral asymmetry on acoustic Doppler velocimetry bias(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Tensor feature extraction of underwater passive sonar target based on auditory model(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Target detection algorithm in side-scan sonar image based on pixel importance value measurement(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Multi-resonant broadband Janus-Ring transducer(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Method for the distinguish of normal modes in shallow water under near field(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Measurement of the absorption coefficient for acoustical coating samples using multi-channel inverse filter(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Improvement of joint optimization of masks and deep recurrent neural networks for monaural speech separation using optimized activation functions(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]
Fast estimation of array gain of vertical transmit array in Pekeris waveguide(2020 No.3) [2021-01-04]

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