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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
A recursive calculating algorithm for higher-order cumulants over sliding window and its application in speech endpoint detection (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Music/voice separation based on the multi-repeating structure of Mel cepstrum coefficient (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Improving coherent averaging line spectrum detection with phase interpolation and compensation (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Theoretical relationship between sound velocity and the physical properties of submarine sediment (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Performance analysis of source ranging by use of virtual receiver technique under different frequency bands (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Study on generation mechanism of anomalous acoustic-gravity waves before the 2011 Beijing earthquake(M_L=3.0) (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Band gap structure analysis of phononic crystal rods with hybrid shunted piezoelectric patches (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Analysis with binaural auditory model and experiment on the timbre of Ambisonics recording and reproduction (2015 No.4) [2015-12-31]
Voice conversion using structured Gaussian mixture model in cepstrum eigenspace (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
High-resolution azimuth estimation algorithm based on data fusion method for the vector hydrophone vertical array (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
A detecting method for line-spectrum target by fusing output DC jump to fluctuations ratio of sub-band spatial spectrum and beam space (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
A study on the random array generation method for moving sound source identification (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
Capturing uncertainties of the underwater acoustic environment based on an ocean-acoustic coupled model (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
Finite difference time domain analysis of two-dimensional surface acoustic wave piezoelectric phononic crystals at radio frequency (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
A cased-hole acoustic logging technique using the dual source of opposite polarity (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
An ultrasound simulation method for carotid arteries with a wall structure of three membranes (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
A coherence-based phase aberration correction method in medical ultrasound (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
Feature analysis of acoustic emission sources for rail crack detection by the finite element method (2015 No.3) [2015-09-07]
A rapid audio event detection method by adopting 2D-Haar acoustic super feature vector (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
Trabecular spacing estimation based on quadratic transformation algorithm (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]

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