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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Acoustic performance prediction of Helmholtz resonator with conical neck (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Application and measurement of underwater acoustic reciprocity transfer functions in reverberant sound field (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Frequency-invariant robust adaptive beamforming based on interference covariance matrix reconstruction (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Frequency-invariant robust adaptive beamforming based on interference covariance matrix reconstruction (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
A coupled-mode sound propagation model with complex effective depth (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Signal processing for noncoherent underwater acoustic communication approaching channel capacity (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
A modified voice conversion algorithm using compressed sensing (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Intelligibility enhancement for noisy whispered speech using asymmetric cost function (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
A methodology to achieve the basis function for the expansion of sound speed profile (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Carrier frequency offset and impulse noise estimation for underwater acoustic orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Orthogonal M-ary code shift keying spread spectrum underwater acoustic communication (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
A subspace fitting algorithm of acoustic vector sensor array and corresponding matrix pre-filter design (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
The application of laser reflective tomography in near-field measurements of ultrasonic transducers (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Geoacoustic inversion based on reflection model of effective density fluid approximation (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Modification to first-order Born approximation for improved prediction of scattered sound from weakly scattering objects (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Time domain finite volume method for the transient response and natural characteristics of structural-acoustic coupling in an enclosed cavity (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Acoustic reflection of rib-stiffened double plates coated with a viscoelastic layer (2014 No.3) [2014-12-11]
Vibro-Acoustics Vol. I and Ⅱ(2014 No.3) [2014-12-15]
Narrowband speech wideband extension algorithm research (2014 No.2) [2014-12-11]
Investigation of area mobility of a finite thin plate subject to a uniform velocity excitation (2014 No.2) [2014-12-11]

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