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Modeling and acoustic analysis of irregular sound enclosure by using Chebyshev-variational method(2018 No.4)
Update time: 2019/01/21
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Title: Modeling and acoustic analysis of irregular sound enclosure by using Chebyshev-variational method

Author(s): CHEN Yuehua; JIN Guoyong; LIU Zhigang; FENG Zhimin;

Affiliation(s): Ningbo University; Harbin Engineering University

Abstract: A modeling method for irregular sound enclosures was proposed based on the Chebyshev-variational theory. A rectangular space was first assumed to bound the irregular sound space and the sound pressure in the rectangular space expressed as a triple-Chebyshev series. Next, a coordinate transformation was performed and the Lagrangian functional of the irregular sound space obtained. Finally, the Lagrangian functional was solved under the Ritz method framework, and the enclosure's acoustic characteristic equation deduced and the eigenpairs obtained. The accuracy of the present method was validated according to agreement between the present results and finite element results for an enclosure with a curved surface. Furthermore, the acoustic characteristics of a trapezoidal enclosure and an enclosure with an inner groove were investigated. The results showed that the mode shapes of the trapezoidal sound space changed with increased inclination angle and the natural frequencies, except the first order, of the sound space with a rectangular inner groove decreased with increased groove depth.

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