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The Institute of Acoustics (IOA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established in 1964. It is a comprehensive research organization specializing in the study of basic and applied acoustics, information processing technologies and fields related to the nation’s needs. IOA’s research focuses on underwater acoustics and underwater acoustical detection, environmental acoustics and noise control technologies, ultrasonics and acoustical microelectromechanical system technologies, communication acoustics and language and speech information processing, integration of acoustics and digital systems, high performance network technologies and network new media technologies. IOA wins high reputation with its powerful research ability and great achievements domestically and internationally.
Many scientists of IOA have made their great efforts in innovative R&D programs such as National Key Technology R&D Program, 
China’s National High-tech Development Program (“863” Program), National Program on Key Basic Research Project of China (“973” Program), the National Natural Science Foundation Program, and the key programs of CAS. IOA’s scientific achievements since 1979 exceed 500. In the same period, the institute has also completed more than 40 major national scientific projects. Its researchers have also won 33 national awards.

Research Groups
IOA consists of 18
laboratories/research centers in Beijing, three field stations located in Hainan, Shanghai and Qingdao, respectively, and one acoustical technology transfer center in the city of Jiaxing, Zhejiang.  IOA has a staff of more than 800, including about 730 scientific and technical personnel. Among them are four CAS members.

Research Facilities
IOA is well equipped to conduct research in underwater acoustics, audio acoustics, ultrasonics, and network new media technologies, among others. Altogether, the institute has 9,000 sets of equipment worth more than 500 million yuan.

Talents Cultivation
IOA was authorized to grant doctor and master degree in acoustics and signal processing as early as in later 1970s. In recent years, the institute has highlighted the graduate cultivation and enlarged the recruitment scale.
As of the end of 2013, the institute had an enrollment of 222 master’s students and 196 doctoral students. It also had 28 postdoctoral fellows. The graduates have become an important science and technology power in the institute, which provides fresh blood for the research team constantly.  

Development Strategy
Based on the fundamental researches, our mission is to be a national outstanding institute, which is powerful of constant innovation capacity and science and technology competition ability in acoustics and
information processing technologies. We aim not only to put forward the basic, strategic and far-sighted solutions to key problems in acoustics and information processing technologies for the development of state’s economy and security, but also to be ranked as one of the fist-class institutes for acoustics domestically and internationally. 

Education Policy
Rational management; strict assessment; high qualification; excellent education


Cultivate high quality talents; produce first-class research power

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