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International Cooperation
Academic Report about Seismic Attenuation Presented by CSIRO Dr. Muller [2016-12-20]
SUT and IOA Signed a Memorandum of Understanding [2016-11-23]
A Series of Shallow Water Acoustics Subjects Presented by Professor Boris Katsnelson from University of Haifa [2016-09-23]
Professor Adrian Traian PLESCA from the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi visit IOA and Introduced His Research of Thermal Analysis in Power Devices [2016-09-02]
Dr. SONG Aijun from the University of Alabama Introduced His Research of Time Reversal Acoustic Communication in the Ocean in IOA [2016-07-11]
Workshop on Acoustic Metamaterials Held in the Institute of Acoustics, CAS [2016-06-07]
IOA Attended the A3 Foresight Program Held in Japan [2016-06-06]
Talk on Pitch-Synchronous Parameterization of Speech Signals with Applications by Prof. C. Julian Chen from Columbia University [2016-06-06]
Prof. Boris Gurevich from Curtin University Introduced Effect of Wave-introduced Flow in Porous and Fractured Rocks [2016-04-28]
Prof. Xiang-Gen Xia from the University of Delaware Introduced Next Generation SAR Imaging in IOA [2016-02-24]
The 9th Workshop of A3 Foresight Program Held in Beijing [2015-12-31]
IOA Attended the 170th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America [2015-12-03]
Researchers from Research Center for Ultrasonics and Technologies of IOA Attended the IEEE SENSORS 2015 in South Korea [2015-12-03]
Professor Boris Katsnelson from University of Haifa Visited the Institute of Acoustics [2015-12-01]
Dr. MA Ning from the University of Sheffield Introduced Recent Progress in Multi-source Reverberant Binaural Sound Localization [2015-10-09]
Professor Peter Gerstoft from Scripps Institution of Oceanography Presented Compressive Sensing in Ocean Acoustics in IOA [2015-09-16]
Researchers from Research Center for Ultrasonics and Technologies of IOA Visited the University of Yamanashi and the University of Tokyo [2015-08-31]
Professor Jorge Trevino from Tohoku University Lectured Spatial Sound Recording, Analysis and Reproduction in IOA [2015-08-31]
Prof. HOU Chaohuan Delivered a Keynote Speech on the ChinaSIP2015 [2015-08-12]
Dr. T. C. Yang Shared His Research of a Data-based Source Localization Method in IOA [2015-07-22]

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