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International Cooperation
YANG Yichun and LYU Jun Attended the 2013 AGU Fall Meeting [2014-01-08]
Director WANG Xiaomin Was Invited to the HKIOA 20th Anniversary [2013-12-18]
UK Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow Stephen Elliott Visited IACAS [2013-12-11]
Poroelasticity Theory and Wave Attenuation Lectured by CSIRO Dr. Muller [2013-11-15]
Numerical Modelling of Mineralization Processes and Application to Mineral Exploration Introduced [2013-11-07]
Seminar on Earthquake Geodynamic and Monitoring/Forecasting Held at IACAS [2013-11-05]
"The 4th Workshop of A3 Foresight Program" Held at Beijing [2013-11-07]
Professor Chin-Hui Lee from ECE Visited IOA [2013-10-21]
Greening At The Edges (GATE) Lectured [2013-08-02]
IMM-based Feature Compensation Robust to Slowly Time-varying Noise and Reverberation Presented [2013-07-17]
A Robotic Sensor Network for Underground Pipeline Inspection Presented [2013-07-15]
Seismic Characterization of Reservoir Shale Introduced [2013-07-15]
EMAT Theory and Its Applications Introduced [2013-06-25]
Structured SVMs for Continuous Speech Recognition Lectured [2013-06-24]
Prof. TIAN Jing Elected Vice President of ICA [2013-06-13]
Incentive Mechanism Design for Mobile Phone Sensing Introduced [2013-05-20]
China-Russia Senior Seminar on Infrasound Research Held at IACAS [2013-05-16]
IACAS Attended the MEDYNA 2013 [2013-05-15]
Dr. T. C. Yang Visited IOA and Two Lectures Given [2013-05-16]
Array Directivity and Synthesis--- Introducing one kind of software for designing arrays [2013-04-22]

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