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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Flap side-edge noise mechanism and shape modification noise reduction design(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
Lamb wave topological imaging for blind hole defects in isotropic plates(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
The admittance feature representation and impact sound feature extraction in the material identification of ribbed plates(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
The effect of ocean wave on the vertical spatial correlation of ocean ambient noise(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
The effects of the uneven bottom on horizontal longitudinal correlations of acoustic field in deep water(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
Broadband transducer with tube-beam coupling structure(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Calculation of vibrational energy transition rates in acoustic relaxation processes for excitable gas molecules(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Design and validation on a multiple sound source fast-measurement system of near-field head-related transfer functions(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Indirect inverse substructuring identification method for coupling dynamic stiffness of vibrational structures(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Interface wave propagation characteristics of liquid-immersed porous cylinder(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Outer cavity Janus-Helmholtz underwater acoustic transducer(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
The influence of vessel attitude on spatial-temporal correlation of sea-bottom reverberation(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Thermoacoustic theory of graphene films considering heat transfer of substrate materials(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Theoretical analysis and experimental research on non-cavitation noise modulation mechanism of underwater counter-rotation propeller(2018 No.2) [2019-01-21]
Analytic study on acoustic interference pattern in shallow water(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Distributed sound source localization algorithm with sound velocity calibration in windy environments(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Experimental analysis of considering the sound pressure distribution pattern at the ear canal entrance as an unrevealed head-related localization clue(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Finite element model updating of a rod-type ultrasonicmotor based on response surface method(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Simplified performance indices and active control force of vibration isolation systems with elastic base(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Simulation of ultrasonic attenuation in theelastic mixing particle system(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]

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