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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
A self-adaptive correction method with eliminating the influence of angular response for multi-beam acoustic intensity data(2020 No.2) [2021-01-04]
A restraining multipath effect method for the measurement of insertion loss of underwater acoustic materials(2020 No.2) [2021-01-04]
Underwater sound scattering characteristics of three paralleling flexible cylindrical shells(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
The target motion parameters estimation based on the acoustic field interference structure similarity match(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
The parametric source method for measuring characteristics of underwater acoustic materials in a pressure vessel(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
The effect of the structure-borne sound transmission between panel and stud via screw connections for a double leaf partition(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Sound transmission from air into shallow water through rough sea surfaces by small slope approximation(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Propagation characteristics of guided waves in a liquid filled pipe embedded in a porous medium(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Geoacoustic inversion for bottom parameters in a thermocline environment in the northern area of the South China Sea(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Efficacy of auditory target tracking training to enhance selective attention in continuous speech-shaped noise environment(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Direction of arrival estimation for underwater acoustic target based on compressed sensing after blind reconstruction of array signal in frequency domain(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Acoustic analysis of the vowel system in Hotan dialect and its contribution to dialect recognition of Uyghur dialects(2020 No.1) [2021-01-04]
Time difference mapping method for locating the acoustic emission source in a composite plate(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
Three-dimensional elastic exact solution for free vibration of composite cylindrical shells considering ply angle(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
The effect of slope of island reef on the deep sea ambient noise(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
The characteristic of sound propagation in deep water and underwater source localization in the direct zone(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
MUSIC-based direction of arrival estimation methods with virtual source elimination for single vector sensor in isotropic ambient noise(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
Influence of demodulation bandwidth on demodulation spectrum of ship radiated noise(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
Gas equilibrium heat capacity synthesis under the influence of acoustic relaxation process and its application in gas detection(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]
Experimental study on sound preferences for dynamic waterscapes(2019 No.4) [2019-12-25]

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