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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Spatial diversity and combination technology using amplitude and phase weighting method for phase-coherent underwater acoustic communications(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Structure normal velocity reconstruction withsparse measurement points(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
The characteristics of frequency-time azimuth spectrum estimation by a vector hydrophone in shallow water(2018 No.1) [2019-01-21]
Joint iterative compressed sensing algorithm eliminating clipping noise in underwater acoustic communication system(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
A high precision calibration method for long baseline acoustic positioning systems(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
Delay-Doppler deconvolution image formation for multiple targets in waveguide environment(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
A localization approach for multiple sound sources via an expectation maximization algorithm using differential microphone arrays(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
Tracking-positioning of sound speed profiles and moving acoustic source in shallow water(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
Diagnosis of osteoporosis based on multi-scale wavelet parameters of ultrasonic guided waves(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
The reflection and transmission of Lamb waves at overlap joints(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
Research on the propagation of guided waves in multi-layered plates(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
Acoustic field analysis of detection and location of targets in layered media by time reversal-reverse time migration mixed method(2017 No.4) [2017-12-06]
Natural frequency for exponential shaped thermoacoustic resonator(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
A method for classifying whistles of bottlenose dolphin (tursiops truncates) based on syn-tactic pattern reorganization(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
Research on acoustic emission characteristics of local corrosion on Q235 steel(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
The spectrum entropy estimation method for ultrasonic backscattering signal in cancel-lous bones(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
Propagation of quasi-periodic random sound pulse sequence signals in shallow-water waveguides(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
A frequency-adapted optimal-weighted method of array interference striations(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
Tracking of time-evolving sound speed profiles with an auto-regressive state-space model(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]
Numerical quadrature for singular and near-singular integrals of boundary element method and its applications in large-scale acoustic problems(2017 No.3) [2017-12-06]

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