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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Deceptive Chinese speech detection based on sparse decomposition of cepstral feature(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
In-plane attenuation zone and its optimization in a plate with periodic holes(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
Characteristics of backing impacts on the performance of the thickness mode piezoelectric transducer(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
Two-dimensional coupled vibration and equivalent circuit of longitudinal-longitudinal orthogonal composite vibration direction converter(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
Analysis on spatial difference of ocean ambient noise spectrum in the northern South China Sea(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
The effects of the ocean surface wave spectrum on low frequency ambient noise in deep water(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
Multipath structure of the typical under-ice sound channel in the Arctic theory and experiment(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
Progresses and advances in Arctic underwater acoustics study(2019 No.1) [2019-04-09]
An acoustic analysis of vowels in checked syllables in Chinese(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Automatic target recognition method for inverse synthetic aperture sonar imaging(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Fusion of deep shallow features and models for speaker recognition(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Influence of measurement methodology of head-related transfer functions on auditory perception(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Laser-enhanced thermal effects during focused ultrasound radiation on biological tissues(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Modeling and acoustic analysis of irregular sound enclosure by using Chebyshev-variational method(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Outboard abnormal noise source localization method with curved surface projection based on time delay matching and weighting criterion(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
Prediction of sound flanking transmission through two adjacent rooms within a residence building(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
The rapid uncertainty prediction of the ocean-acoustic coupled model(2018 No.4) [2019-01-21]
An algorithm for voice conversion with limited corpus(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
An auditory periphery model for improving narrow-band noise recognition rate of underwater targets(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]
Design of robust broadband beamformers using worst-case performance optimization for time-domain spherical microphone arrays(2018 No.3) [2019-01-21]

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