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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Operating characteristics analysis of a dual-excited full-wavelength piezoceramic ultrasonic transducer(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
High frequency wideband underwater acoustic transducer for ring shaped composite material(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
An equivalent source method for recovering and reconstructing the target sound field in a non-free field(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
Three-dimensional sound source localization using distributed microphone arrays(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
Experimental analysis on air-to-water sound transmission loss in shallow water(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
Iterative inverse beamforming algorithm and its application in multiple targets detection of passive sonar(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
Effects of typhoon KAI-TAK on deep ocean ambient noise in the South China Sea(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
The absorption coefficient measurement of underwater materials in a water tube by using the wide-band pulse method(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
Feature extraction for sound source material recognition with impact sounds(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
The effect of pipe bend on low-frequency longitudinal mode guided wave propagation(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
Preparations and characterizations of ZnO nano-structural films and related SAW sensors(2017 No.2) [2017-12-06]
A method of multichannel chaotic phase modulation spread spectrum and its application in underwater acoustic communication(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
Waveguide invariant estimation in elastic Pekeris waveguide(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
On fast estimation of direction of arrival for underwater acoustic target based on sparse Bayesian learning(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
An adaptive beamforming algorithm based on direction vector rotation and joint iterative optimization(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
The concise fractional Fourier transform and its application in detection and parameter estimation of the linear frequency-modulated signal(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
Numerical analysis of the 2D acoustic field with epistemic uncertainty(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
Direct sound field separation method on holography surface(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
Characterization and analysis of coded excitation ultrasound parameters for rock properties(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]
Application of piezoelectric transient response in transducer acoustic power measurement(2017 No.1) [2017-12-06]

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