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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
A rapid audio event detection method by adopting 2D-Haar acoustic super feature vector (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
Trabecular spacing estimation based on quadratic transformation algorithm (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
Impact of the fracture on low-order guided waves in long bone (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
Radial vibration of a slit-type annular ultrasonic concentrator (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
Numerical simulation of nonlinear propagation of sound waves in a finite horn (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
Position optimization of particular solution sources for distributed source boundary point method by volume velocity-matching (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
The effect of a layer of varying density on spatial correlation of sea-bottom backscattering signal (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
A new method of passive ranging for underwater target:distance information extraction based on wave guide invariant (2015 No.2) [2015-09-07]
An improved algorithm for noise-robust sparse linear prediction of speech (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Suppression effect of jet flow on pulsating pressure of cavity using scale-adaptive simulation model (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Equivalent source method for identification of panel acoustic contribution in irregular enclosed sound field (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Evaluation of the cement bond quality through filtering the reflected ultrasonic waves (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Enhancement of low-frequency sound absorption of microperforated panels by adding a mechanical impedance (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Array gain of fourth-order cumulants beamforming under typical probability density background (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Passive source range estimation with a single receiver in shallow water (2015 No.1) [2015-09-07]
Recognition of practical speech emotion using improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Speech endpoint detection in low-SNRs environment based on perception spectrogram structure boundary parameter (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Measurement on just noticeable difference of auditory perception with visual stimuli (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Development of a surface acoustic wave wireless and passive temperature sensor incorporating reflective delay line (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]
Numerical analysis of the 2D acoustic field with fuzzy-random parameters (2014 No.4) [2014-12-11]

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