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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Diffusion and sound absorption properties of the quadratic residue diffuser structure with perforated panel (2016 No.3) [2016-08-26]
An improved series expansion method on the multi-frequency analysis of acoustic boundary element (2016 No.3) [2016-08-26]
Controllability and observability measures of structural vibration and acoustic radiation (2016 No.3) [2016-08-26]
A fast implementation for computing spatial impulse response of ultrasonic transducers (2016 No.3) [2016-08-26]
Mechanical quality factor of high-overtone bulk acoustic resonator (2016 No.3) [2016-08-26]
The influence of dummy head on measuring speech intelligibility (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Noise reduction algorithm of corrosion acoustic emission signal based on short-time fractal dimension enhancement (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Interaction of fatigue crack with vibration and ultrasound in metallic rod and its use for quantitative characterization (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Prediction and test of cavity's hydrodynamic self-noise induced by turbulent boundary layer (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Prediction of propeller non-cavitation noise by superimposing shifted sound signal from an isolated blade (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Direction of arrival estimation and signal recovery based on single snapshot compressed sensing in frequency domain (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Extracting the interference components of normal modes in shallow water waveguide using singular value decomposition method (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
An energy-conserving two-way coupled mode model for underwater acoustic propagation (2016 No.2) [2016-08-26]
Polyps and paralysis phonation classification with nonlinear dynamics model (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]
Bayesian localization in an uncertain ocean environment (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]
Prediction and validation of tonal noise from underwater propellers (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]
Analysis on the factors that influence bubble coalescence in an acoustic field (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]
The research of space-time coupled spectral element method for acoustic wave equations (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]
Preliminarily modeling of creep effect in electro-dynamic loudspeaker suspensions (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]
Analysis of the spatial discrimination threshold of head-related transfer function magnitude (2016 No.1) [2016-08-26]

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