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The rapid uncertainty prediction of the ocean-acoustic coupled model(2018 No.4)
Update time: 2019/01/21
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Title: The rapid uncertainty prediction of the ocean-acoustic coupled model

Author(s): CUI Baolong; DA Lianglong; GUO Wuhong; ZHAO Jianxin;

Affiliation(s): Navy Submarine Academy; Joint Laboratory for Marine Civil-Military Integration of Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology

Abstract: Focusing on the rapid prediction of acoustic field uncertainty in environment with temporal and spatial sound speed perturbation, evolvement of sound speed structure over time is predicted based on the ocean-acoustic coupled model to obtain the uncertainty distribution of the vertical structure of sound speed. Further, a method combining the arbitrary polynomial chaos expansion with the empirical orthogonal function is proposed to reduce the dimensionality of uncertain parameters and to obtain the uncertainty distribution of the acoustic field. Simulations have shown that the computational complexity can be reduced by 2 orders of magnitude compared to the conventional polynomial chaos expansion while ensures the same precision. Moreover, the computational complexity is not influenced by the complexity of the sound speed profile. The acoustic field and uncertainty predicted in uncertain environment by proposed method also have been tested with the experimental data.

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