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Int'l Cooperation News
Korean Researchers visit IACAS [2010-02-24]
Professor form the University of Sydney visits Donghai Station [2009-12-08]
Professor Anders Nilsson gave the 3rd lecture in IACAS [2009-11-25]
Prof. Anders Nilsson of MWL/KTH calls on IACAS [2009-11-13]
Delegation of JAIST call on IACAS [2009-11-05]
Prof. Carcione and Prof. Boris Gurevich calls on IACAS [2009-10-29]
Prof. Chin-Hui Lee from Georgia Institute of Technology calls on IACAS [2009-10-23]
Dr. Zhang Yujin from Fugro-Jason visited IACAS [2009-06-08]
The Speech Recognition Group, Univ. of Cambridge visited IACAS [2009-04-20]
Academic Exchange Agreements signed between IACAS and JAIST [2009-03-02]
Professors of JAIST visited IACAS [2008-12-30]
Prof. Stephen Elliott visits IACAS [2008-12-03]
Prof. Jean Louis Guyader makes a special trip to IACAS [2008-12-03]
Prof. Mathias Fink visited IACAS [2008-11-20]
Prof. Walter Arnold called on IACAS [2008-11-20]
Prof. Xu Hongfa visited IACAS [2008-11-19]
Dr. Haim Azhari calls on IACAS [2008-11-10]
Prof.Zeng Fangang calls on IACAS [2008-10-02]
Prof. Rolf Muller visited IOA and gave a lecture--Colorful academic activities continuous [2008-09-24]
Prof. ZHANG Zhixing of NTHU calls on IACAS [2008-08-18]

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