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Dr. Zhang Yujin from Fugro-Jason visited IACAS
Update time: 2009/06/08
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On Jun.1, Dr. Zhang Yujin from Fugro-Jason Company (Australia) visited IACAS at the invitation of Ultrasonic Physics and Testing Lab and gave a lecture titled "The Evaluation and Application of Oil and Gas Reservoir Technology".

Dr. Zhang Yujin, a senior Petrophysician of Fugro-Jason Company (Australia) mainly engaged himself in the studies of the evaluation and application of oil and gas reservoir technology and providing related consultation services and training. Since he devoted himself to this field, he cumulated rich experience in the aspects of oil and gas reservoir evaluation, logging analysis, teaching of petrophysics studies and published many academic papers in the well-known journals and conference proceedings. At present, he is the long-standing board member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), member of Society of Petrophysics Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) and Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).

At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. Zhang Yujin introduced the aim of oil and gas reservoir evaluation, that is, to locate the exact position of oil and gas reservoir, consider its exploration value and carry out effective measures. The reservoir evaluation work is of great significance during the whole process of oilfield life cycle. Combining the practical work, Dr. Zhang Yujin showed the general work flow of reservoir evaluation and presented the methods of combing the measurement data and technical skills. In the later part, he introduced the new progress in logging measurement and evaluation technique, such as MR Scanner, Sonic Scanner, Rt Scanner, WEI and so on. At last, Dr. Zhang Yujin put forward the development future for oil and gas reservoir evaluation and pointed out that though the logging device is updating fast now, the problem of its corresponding evaluation method is unneglectable. Comprehensive evaluation method is urgently needed as well as establishing a basic model for formation evaluation. 

A warm discussion on the hot issues mentioned in the report followed. The attendants said they benefited a lot from the lecture.

About Fugro-Jason Company: It is the leading provider of seismic inversion and reservoir characterization products and services, integrating geology, petrophysics, geophysics, and engineering to construct the most accurate and detailed descriptions of your reservoir. As a result, you can produce reservoirs with fewer, more productive wells and thereby increase your profitability.


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