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Prof. Jean Louis Guyader makes a special trip to IACAS
Update time: 2008/12/03
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Prof. Jean Louis Guyader from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, France made a special trip to IACAS after Internoise 2008 and gave a lecture titled "Using structure as sensors for identification of sources" on Nov.3, 2008.


Jean Louis Guyader is professor of Acoustics and Vibration, at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, France. He is the Director of the Vibro Acoustics Laboratory of the Institute. His research works covers a large field of vibroacoustic problems: sound radiation from structure in light or heavy fluid with application to air planes and submarines;energy methods for prediction at medium frequency, sound transmission through structures including composite panels, absorbing and granular materials, thermo-viscous gases and fluids, source identification using inverse problems, time reversal technique and development of method for deriving equivalent materials of multilayered materials. He is the member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Sound and Vibrations, and of Applied Acoustics and he is the associate editor of Acta Acustica united with Acustica. He is Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and of the International Institute of Sound and Vibration. He got the Chavas Award of the French Acoustical society.


In his brilliant lecture, Prof. Guyade made a detailed introduction on RIFF method (in French -- Resolution Inverse Filtree et Fenetree). It is a method to localize the excitation sources acting on beams and plates using a finite-difference method and computed the force distribution from noisy displacement field. Some uncertain factors of measurement and structure also can be considered. Prof. Guyade also gave some instances of the application of this method to source reorganization and fault diagnosis. A warm discussion followed after the beneficial lecture.


Accompanied by Prof. Li Xiaodong, Director of Noise and Vibration Laboratory, Prof. Guyade toured the Noise and Vibration Laboratory. After the tour, the visitor and the professors in IACAS made a deep discussion on the future scientific collaboration between two sides.

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