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Prof. ZHANG Zhixing of NTHU calls on IACAS
Update time: 2008/08/18
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On Aug.2, Prof. ZHANG Zhixing from Multimedia Information Retrieval Lab of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU, Taiwan) visited IACAS in answer to the invitation of ThinkIT Speech Lab.

Prof. ZHANG graduated from University of California,Berkeley with his doctor degree in 1992. He once worked in MathWorks and was the co-author of Fuzzy Logic Toolbox. He began to work at NTHU in 1995 and published two works titled Neuro-Fuzzy and Soft Computing and MATLAB Programming. His main research fields covered: speech synthesis, melody recognition, singing synthesis, face detection and recognition, pattern recognition, neural network, fuzzy logic and so on. Prof. ZHANG was one of the pioneers in the research field of Query by Singing/Humming and made great contribution to the development of this study.

The report Prof. ZHANG gave us titled: "Query by Singing/Humming and Speech Assessment". The report consisted of two parts. The first part of his report was on query by Singing/Humming. In this part, Prof. ZHANG Zhixing introduced the basic theories and methods of pitch detection and melody matching. He presented the new products and website developed by his lab. In the second part, he put his emphasis on speech assessment. He showed his latest research achievements on speech assessment and among them two speech assessment software aroused great interest among the audience. 

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