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Upcoming Events
A Bayesian Statistical Framework for Target Detection and Tracking [2015-10-12]
COMSOL Multiphysics, Acoustics and Vibration [2015-07-22]
Ambient Sea Noise [2015-06-29]
Big data: a double-edged sword of information vs. security and privacy [2015-06-23]
Acoustic Metamaterials for Underwater Sound Control [2015-06-23]
Marine Power System under Global Climate Change [2015-05-08]
Research on Ocean Wave [2015-04-08]
Biological Ferroelectricity-Phenomena, Mechanism, and Implications [2015-02-04]
Autonomous Hypothesis Generation as an Environment Learning Mechanism for Agent Design [2015-01-30]
Benefits and Limitations of Hearing Aids [2014-09-17]
Horizontal Anysotropy of the Sound Fluctuations in the Presence of Moving Nonlinear Internal Waves in Shallow Water [2014-09-15]
Transducer, Hydrophone and Calibration Facility Technology Seminar [2014-08-29]
Ultrasound Detection and Imaging Using Microring Resonators and Laser Generated Focused Ultrasound [2014-08-14]
Measurement Study of Video Call Applications [2014-08-11]
What's Next after OFDM? [2014-07-22]
Spatial Hearing in Horizontal and Vertical Planes [2014-07-17]
A Discussion of Internal and External Vehicle Noise [2014-07-15]
Function and Application of UUV [2014-07-15]
Advances and Challenges for Smart Grid Communication Infrastructures [2014-06-24]
Signal Processing and Information—a Perspective [2014-06-11]

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