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Efficient Iterative Viterbi A* K-Best Sequential Decoding [2012-02-06]
Internet, Web, and Cloud for Next Generation IT [2011-10-19]
Speaker recognition by combining MFCC and phase information in noisy conditions [2011-10-12]
Advances in spectral elements for wave modeling in highly heterogeneous media [2011-09-27]
An Investigation on Near Field Acoustics and Cello's Wolf Tone [2011-09-20]
Compressive Sensing: A Brief Introduction [2011-09-16]
How to Formulate Research Problems, with Applications to Some Noise and Vibration Sources [2011-09-08]
Acoustic Properties of Soils and Plants, and Materials with Pore Stratification [2011-09-08]
Basic Matrix Design of Transducer [2011-09-08]
Vibration of a Clamped Ribbed Plate [2011-09-02]
Wireless and Batteryless SAW Sensors, a Promising Solution for Harsh Environments [2011-09-02]
A New Engineering Domain Piezoelectricity Material and Its Usage in Medical Ultrasound [2011-09-02]
Localization and Localizability Study in Wireless Sensor Networks [2011-07-11]
On Ocean Acoustic Vortex Vector Field [2011-07-08]
Rapid Identification and Mapping Mineral Compositions of Cutting Samples Recovered... [2011-06-30]
Detection of Bubble Acoustic Emissions in Industrial Flotation Devices [2011-06-30]
Survey of the Musical Acoustics Research at the Fraunhofer IBP in Stuttgart, Germany [2011-06-24]
Using state-of-the-art wearable sensors, computers as well as machine learning algorithms to understand human activities, gestures and intentions [2011-05-25]
Energy methods in structural acoustics including SEA and finite elements, with applications on cars [2011-05-11]
Long Term Oil Industry Cycles and Energy Strategy [2011-04-15]

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