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Upcoming Events
Global Acoustic Positioning System and Solution [2014-05-21]
Field Experience with a New Sub-Bottom Investigation Tool Acoustic 3-D Imaging of the Sub-seabed [2014-05-21]
The 21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration [2014-05-14]
Distributed Frameworks for Iterative Computations on Massive Datasets [2014-05-07]
2nd China-Russia Senior Seminar on Infrasound Research [2014-05-07]
Complex Systems and Emergence: How Theory Meets Reality [2014-04-03]
Two Lectures from the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, University of Durham, UK [2014-03-24]
Underwater Acoustic Communication for Ocean Sampling [2013-11-13]
Poroelasticity theory and wave attenuation [2013-11-07]
Numerical Modelling of Mineralization Processes and Application to Mineral Exploration [2013-10-30]
A Robotic Sensor Network for Underground Pipeline Inspection [2013-07-05]
IMM-based feature compensation robust to slowly time-varying noise and reverberation [2013-07-05]
The physical characteristics of unconventional resource rock [2013-07-02]
A Scalability Study on Communication Architecture to Support Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid [2013-07-02]
Dr. Ren Ping Liu's Lectures [2013-06-05]
Crowdsourcing to Smartphones: Incentive Mechanism Design [2013-05-14]
China-Russia Senior Seminar on Infrasound Research [2013-05-08]
Combining the best of two realms -- Interaction of sound and light, and its applications in biomedicine and nondestructive testing [2013-04-27]
Dr. T. C. Yang's Lectures [2013-04-27]
Array Directivity and Synthesis--- Introduce a software for designing arrays [2013-04-07]

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