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Distant-talking speech recognition based on spectral subtraction by multi-channel LMS algorithm [2011-03-21]
Improved System for Mandarin Speech-to-Text [2011-03-03]
Acoustic Multi-ports with application to duct acoustics & Experimental techniques for duct acoustics [2010-10-22]
Evaluation of signal processing algorithms for hearing aids and cochlear implants [2010-10-18]
Modelling viscoelastic properties of rocks saturated with heavy oil [2010-09-27]
Effects of listener's head movement on realism of sound space perception [2010-09-21]
Noise and Vibration Validation and Optimization of Ship [2010-09-10]
Guided waves in complex structures: theory and applications [2010-09-06]
Maximize your publication potential: Key skills in writing research papers in English [2010-08-26]
High Performance Piezoelectric Single Crystal and The Application in Acoustic Transducers [2010-08-12]
Time Reversal Acoustics [2010-07-19]
Vehicle noise regulation [2010-06-28]
Prediction of Rocket Noise at Launch of Space Vehicles [2010-06-21]
Ultrasonic Toneburst Measurements and the use of Superheterodyne Techniques in Measuring Nonlinear Acoustic Phenomena [2010-06-08]
Architecture, Acoustics, and Human Performance [2010-06-04]
Academic Lecture-- QNDE and SHM of Safety-Critical Structures [2010-06-01]
Rock Physics - Seismic Phenomena in Porous Media [2010-05-24]
Academic Lecture: Mixed finite element method for linear dynamic fluid-structure interaction problems with applications in engineering [2010-05-17]
Academic Lecture: Large-scale Concurrent Design Based on GPU [2010-04-13]
Academic Lecture: Surface acoustic wave based gyroscope [2010-02-01]

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