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A Discussion of Internal and External Vehicle Noise
Update time: 2014/07/15
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Title: A Discussion of Internal and External Vehicle Noise   

Speaker: Anders Nilsson  

From: Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden      

Time: 9:00 a.m., July 18, 2014     

Place: Conference Room 218 at Dezhao South Building 




Science and Technology Department      

Key Laboratory of Noise and Vibration Research   


Speaker’s Biography 

Anders Nilsson holds MSc in engineering physics from university of Lund, Sweden and Dr. Tech. in sound and vibration from Chalmers University. Anders Nilsson has worked on problems relating to the propagation of sonic booms at Boeing Co., Seattle, USA. At Det Norske Veritas, he was head of the acoustics department at the research division. At Veritas Anders Nilsson worked on the propagation of structure borne sound in large built up structures and on the excitation of plates from flow and cavitation. Anders Nilsson was head of the Danish Acoustical Institute for four years. His main activities in Denmark were building acoustics. In 1987 Anders Nilsson was appointed professor of applied acoustics at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. He was also the head of the department of vehicle engineering and founder and head, until 2002, of the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research. Anders Nilsson is since 2008 professor emeritus at MWL, KTH. His main interests are problems relating to composite structures as well as vehicle acoustics. 

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