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Professor Anders Nilsson gave the 3rd lecture in IACAS
Update time: 2009/11/25
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(SHEN Su from Noise and Vibration Lab) On Nov.24, Professor Anders Nilsson from KTH gave the 3rd lecture on structure borne sound for the researchers and students of Noise and Vibration Lab. For this time, more new faces appeared in the lecture including Ms Hong Yang, expert of Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd who expected to learn more useful information and knowledge in order to apply them to design the new CRH trains for our country.

Professor Anders Nilsson gave the lecture entitled "Acoustic and Dynamic Properties of Composite Structures" to introduce the acoustic properties of the new sandwich composite structures which were applied in production of traffic tools like aircraft, train, ship and so on. He compared this kind of structures with the common ones, pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of the properties of sound insulation and explained why it happened. All the audience warmly applauded for this splendid report and interacted with speaker on the questions they interested in.

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