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Dr. Haim Azhari calls on IACAS
Update time: 2008/11/10
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On Oct.31, Dr. Haim Azhari from Technion -- Israel Institute of Technology visited IACAS and gave wonderful lecture titled "Application of through transmission ultrasonic waves to breast imaging". The seminar was chaired by Prof. Zhang Hailan.


The Technion is an internationally-acclaimed institute of technology in Haifa, Israel. The emphasis was on natural sciences, engineering and architecture, with a school of medicine added later. The Technion's Faculty of Electrical Engineering has been ranked among the top fifteen electrical engineering departments in the world. Dr. Haim Azhari's main research is on medical ultrasonics, including ultrasonic imaging, HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) and so on. 

Dr. Haim Azhari's lecture was mainly focused on the application of through transmission ultrasonic waves to breast imaging. First, he introduced the status quo of breast imaging in the world and then put forward the necessity to find a new imaging method and the advantages of breast imaging through transmission ultrasonic waves. In his new method, he combined ultrasound computerized tomography (UCT) and ultrasonic reflection imaging by considering some new parameters and algorithms, such as velocity of sound, frequency dispersion, harmonic imaging and so on. In this way, the image effect was highly improved. In addition, they adopted the microbbuble contrast enhancement technology and the non-linear testing method, which can examine the breast cancer more exactly.

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