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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Analysis and identification for the electromagnetic ultrasonic interfacial echoes using instantaneous spectrum and artificial neural network (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
An acoustic imaging system of migration technique used in borehole (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
Investigation on Rijke pipe's acoustic characteristics by numerical simulation: modeling the pulsing flow field coupled the inner of pipe with its outer space (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
Planar near-field acoustical holography based on equivalent source method and its experimental investigation (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
A Sound ray tracing algorithm in three-dimensional heterogeneous media based on wavefront traveltimes interpolation (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
Investigation of the spatial correlations of flow noise in vector hydrophone towed linear array (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
A unified algorithm for target detection and tracing based on data of array sensors (2008 No.3) [2008-07-23]
The transient suppression for piezoelectric ceramic emission transducer (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Sound scattering from partially water-filled elastic spherical shell with an internal elastic plate (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Researches on the measurement of distribution image of radiated noise using focused beamforming (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Directivity calculation with experimental verification for a conformal array of underwater acoustic transducers (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Resonance scattering of canonical elastic shells in absorbing fluid medium (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Contrastive analysis on tone between Putonghua and Taiwan Mandarin (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Experimental study on downstep in Chinese intonation (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Synergistic effects on iodine release in potassium iodide solution by combination of ultrasound and visible light irradiations (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Signal generation in an isotropic medium in scanning electron acoustic microscope (2008 No.2) [2008-04-02]
Acoustics of courtyard theatres (2008 No.1) [2008-02-13]
Theory and signal processing of acoustic correlation techniques for current velocity measurement (2008 No.1) [2008-02-13]
Research on beamforming method for dual-line array with space mismatch between the two line arrays (2008 No.1) [2008-02-13]
Direction-of-arrival estimation using matrix spatial prefiltering approach (2008 No.1) [2008-02-13]

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