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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Traveling wave tube measurements for low-frequency properties of underwater acoustic materials (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
Theoretical analysis of the ship noise demodulation spectrum harmonic clan feature (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
Detection of number of sources and DOA estimation based on the combined information processing of pressure and particle velocity using acoustic vector sensor array (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
A passive synthetic aperture phase correction algorithm for the asymmetric twin-line array sonar (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
Blind estimation of shallow water acoustic channel (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
Analysis of structural-acoustic coupling of elastic rectangular enclosure with arbitrary boundary conditions (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
Analysis of the effect of blocking mass at corner interface of two plates at arbitrary angles on transmission of plane bending waves (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
Analytic subject index to 2007 (2007 No.4) [2007-10-11]
The interference characteristics of platform and towed body noise in shallow water for active/passive towed array sonar (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
On the Cramer-Rao bound of wideband direction of arrival estimation (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
A weighting orthogonal method for constant beamwidth beamforming matrices (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
The study of underwater acoustic communication technology based-on the acoustic vector sensor (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
Robust algorithm of direction of arrival estimation for coherent wideband sources in unknown correlated noise fields (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
Error sensing strategy for active acoustic structure based on distributed displacement sensors (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
Radiation and reflection acoustical fields of an annular phased array (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
A wavelet space based approach for Doppler ultrasound blood signals separation (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
Fast calculate the parameters of surface acoustic wave coupling-of-modes model (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
Speech enhancement based on multitaper spectrum and psychoacoutical weighting rule (2007 No.3) [2007-07-27]
The time-delay estimation method of resolving left-right target ambiguity for twin-line array and its realization (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Ocean dynamic noise energy flux directivity in the 400 Hz to 700 Hz frequency band (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]

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