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Chinese Journal of Acoustics
Beam pattern of sparse array for passive sonar (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Inversion of acoustic mode coupling coefficient matrix (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Method of array shape calibration based on time delay estimation using two auxiliary sources (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Analytical research on structural-acoustic coupling of a cavity surrounded by flexible panel (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
The relationship between acoustic radiation modes and structural modes and its applications (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Objective evaluation of pronunciation of standard Chinese final based on formant pattern (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Research on coupling between thermoacoustic resonance pipe and piezoelectric acoustic source (2007 No.2) [2007-06-28]
Preliminary analysis of left-right ambiguity resolution performance for twin-line array (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Spatial coherences of the sound pressure and the particle velocity in underwater ambient noise (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Wideband high-resolution direction of arrival estimation method based on the pressure-velocity combined processing using the acoustic vector sensor array (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Experimental research for direction of arrival estimation based on signal phase matching principle (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Speech endpoint detection in real noise environments (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Study on automatic prediction of sentential stress for Chinese Putonghua Text-to-Speech system with natural style (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Audio watermarking based on psychoacoustic model and critical band wavelet transform (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Spatial symmetry of head-related transfer function (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]
Ultrasonic field radiated by a normal shear wave probe (2007 No.1) [2007-06-28]

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