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Science Daily: Belgian researchers check quality of chocolate with ultrasound [2016-06-07]
Science Daily: A password of another kind: User identification through the skull [2016-06-07] How much noise is produced by wind turbines? [2016-06-06]
Science Daily: Sonic net could save birds and aircraft, study suggests [2016-05-12] 3D sound for the Zurich Opera House [2016-05-02] New discovery may help engineers design quieter jet airplanes [2016-04-28] Exploiting the near-far effect in underwater acoustic networks [2016-04-20] Researchers transmit data through animal tissues at HD video rates via ultrasound [2016-04-20] Multilingual circuit: 'Optomechanical transducer' links sound, light, radio waves [2016-04-20]
Science Daily: Bad vibrations: Eliminating mechanical vibrations leads to better performing mechatronic systems [2016-04-20] Researchers use light and sound waves to control electron states [2016-04-20]
Science Daily: Violin varnish: Key to a fiddle's tone [2016-04-20]
Science Daily: Faster analysis of electromagnetic compatibility [2016-04-19]
Science Daily: Navigation using music leaves the user's hands free [2016-04-13] China kickstarts innovation-driven growth [2016-03-07]
Xinhua: Draft law highlights peaceful use, sharing in deep seafloor exploration [2016-03-02]
Science Daily: Software adapts speech to ambient noise level [2016-02-19]
Science Daily: SnailAnalyser-Tuner: visualize sounds and tune instruments precisely and intuitively [2016-02-18]
Science Daily: The science behind snow's serenity [2016-02-18]

Science Daily: Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery

New class of sound wave could lead to revolution in stem cell therapy


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