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Science Daily: Acoustic metamaterial panel absorbs low-frequency sound [2016-10-11] Building a better electronic trumpet [2016-10-10] Using EV tires to counter traffic noise [2016-10-10] Underwater soundscape may offer clues to coral health and aid reef conservation [2016-10-09] New all fiber-optic system for monitoring structural integrity in harsh environments [2016-09-26] Birds adjust their singing activity around airport noise [2016-09-26] Bringing graphene speakers to the mobile market [2016-09-26] UA engineers twist physics laws to boost sonic science [2016-08-23] Researchers invent acoustic prism [2016-08-23] How to create sounds that only you can hear in a venue [2016-08-17] Researchers demonstrate acoustic levitation of a large sphere [2016-08-17] Researcher analyzes acoustic properties of golf club drivers [2016-08-17] Noise is an increasing problem in learning environments [2016-08-17]
Science Daily: Building a Moebius strip of good vibrations [2016-07-29]
Science Daily: New Guidance System with 3D sounds for the visually impaired [2016-07-29]
Science Daily: Acoustics researcher finds explanation for auroral sounds [2016-07-12] The sound of old music [2016-07-12] Acoustic engineering transcribes crackling knee sounds into moving graph [2016-06-07] Using light to create sound, researchers develop innovative new chemical sensing method [2016-06-07] Exploring gender perception via speech [2016-06-07]

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