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Xinhua: China Designs Incentives for Scientists to Translate Research into Products [2016-02-18]
Xinhua: China inaugurates national R&D plan [2016-02-18]
China Daily: Into the mighty blue [2016-02-18]
Science Daily: Electronic bracelet uses an ultrasonic system to help blind people navigate [2015-12-31]
Science Daily: Ding dong measurement on high [2015-12-31]
Science Daily: Why’s there chatter in my Himalayan singing bowl? [2015-12-31]
Science Daily: Eavesdropping on Bering Strait marine mammals [2015-12-31]
Science Daily: Algorithm to 3-D print vibrational sounds [2015-10-30]
Science Daily: Physics of booming and burping sand dunes revealed [2015-10-30]
Science Daily: Nanoquakes probe new 2-dimensional material [2015-10-30]
Science Daily: Offshore wind turbine construction could be putting seals' hearing at risk [2015-10-30]
Science Daily: Using sonar to navigate: Bats do it, dolphins do it, and now humans can do it, too [2015-10-30]
Science Daily: Seeing sound: Nonsighted people could acquire a new sensory functionality similar to vision [2015-10-30]
Xinhua: Chinese Scientists Remain Among Most Recognized in Sci-theses [2015-10-22]
Xinhua: China to Promote International Cooperation in Marine Science [2015-10-21]
Science Daily: Sound wave technology studied to help diagnose concussion [2015-10-21]
Science Daily: Security risk: Automated voice imitation can fool humans and machines [2015-10-21]
Science Daily: Acoustic imaging with outline detection [2015-10-20]
Science Daily: Television audio of the future: Customizable and in 3D [2015-10-20]

Science Daily: A concert hall for on the move

New audio software creates a natural three-dimensional sound


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