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Science Daily: Silent flights: How owls could help make wind turbines and planes quieter [2015-07-13]

Science Daily: Can you actually hear 'inaudible' sound?

Limits of human hearing (infrasound and ultrasound) examined

Xinhua: China eyes foreign cooperation for deep-sea studies [2015-06-30]
Science Daily: Magnetism can control heat, sound [2015-06-23]
CAS: More than 1,400 Scientists Receive Top Academic Title of CAS [2015-06-04]
CAS: China Launches Support Project to Attract Scientific Talents [2015-06-04]
Science Daily: Sound waves could be viable alternative in diagnosing minor fractures [2015-06-04]
Science Daily: Low-vibration sawing and sanding [2015-05-27]
CAS: China Seeks Cooperation with India for Sea Mining [2015-05-13]
Science Daily: New method provides direct SI traceability for sound pressure [2015-05-11]
Xinhua: China's "most advanced" research ship ready to serve [2015-04-30]
Science Daily: Acoustically driven controls created for smartphones [2015-04-23]
Xinhua: China Builds Mother Ship for 11,000-meter Manned Submersible [2015-04-23]
Science Daily: High-tech method allows rapid imaging of functions in living brain [2015-04-23]
Science Daily: Magnets can control heat and sound: Experiment reveals new mysterious properties of sound waves [2015-03-30]
Science Daily: A new way to control information by mixing light and sound [2015-03-30]
Xinhua: Jiaolong Concludes Indian Ocean Expedition [2015-03-23]
Xinhua: China's manned sub collects mysterious deep-sea living beings in Indian Ocean [2015-01-16]
Xinhua: China's manned sub discovers new active "chimney vents" in Indian Ocean [2015-01-16]
Science Daily: See it, touch it, feel it: Researchers use ultrasound to make invisible 3-D haptic shape that can be seen and felt [2014-12-26]

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