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IACAS Attended the 174th Meeting of ASA Held in USA
Update time: 2017/12/19
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The 174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) was held from December 4 to 8 at New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Prof. LI Zhenglin, Prof. GUO Lianghao, Dr. REN Yun, Dr. YAN Chao, Dr. REN Suiling and Dr. QIN Jixing from the State Key Laboratory of Acoustics, IACAS attended this meeting and made presentations.

The Meeting of ASA is held twice a year, which aims to promote and widely disseminate knowledge and technology related to theory and application in acoustics. It is a comprehensive academic event with highest level in the acoustics community. The 174th meeting consisted of 12 special sessions, and attracted over 1000 international researchers.

Prof. LI Zhenglin was invited to give a special presentation with the topic of “Hybrid geoacoustic inversion method and its application to different sediments”. Dr. REN Yun, Dr. YAN Chao, Dr. REN Suiling and Dr. QIN Jixing presented their papers respectively with the titles of “A fast calculation method of travel speed of pulse peak in convergence zone”, “An improved robust adaptive beamforming based on worst-case performance optimization”, “Eigenanalysis-based adaptive interference suppression for underwater target estimation” and “Analysis of sound propagation from the transitional area to deep water”. All the reports aroused wide attention and lively discussions.

Researchers of IACAS have known latest research progress and hotspots in marine acoustics and underwater acoustic signal processing from this meeting, and were inspired for exchanging new ideas with some experts and peers.

The 175th Meeting of ASA will be held in May 2018 at Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Researchers from IACAS attended the 174th Meeting of ASA. (Image by IACAS)

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