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Prof. Ole Gron from the University of Copenhagen Presented an Academic Report about Maritime Archaeology [2019-12-10]
Prof. Paul White from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research Presented an Academic Report about STEMM-CCS [2019-11-28]
Ultrasound: The potential power for cardiovascular disease therapy [2019-08-16]
Delegation Led by Professor YANG Fan from UBFC Visited IACAS [2019-08-06]
Academic Lecture about Machine Learning In Ocean Acoustics Presented by Prof. Peter Gerstoft from USA [2019-08-01]
IACAS Team Ranked 1st in Acoustic Scene Classification Competition in DCASE2019 [2019-07-12]
2019 International Symposium on New Piezoelectric Materials and Acoustic Devices was held in Shanghai [2019-06-10]
Academic Report about NDE Presented by Prof. Leonard J. Bond from USA [2019-04-09]
Delegation led by Professor Philip Leistner from Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics visited IACAS [2018-12-26]
Scientists from V.I.II’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute, Fareast Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences Visited IACAS [2018-12-26]
IACAS Attended WUWNet’18 [2018-12-13]
IACAS Attended the 2nd Franco-Chinese Acoustic Conference Held in France [2018-12-04]
IACAS Participated in China’s 9th Arctic Research Expedition [2018-10-28]
IACAS Attended ICSP 2018 Held in Beijing [2018-09-30]
Call for Papers: Special Session on Underwater Acoustics of WUWNet'18 ShenZhen, Guangdong, China [2018-08-03]
Academic Reports about Adaptive Detection Presented by Prof. Danilo Orlando from Italy [2018-07-19]
Academic Report about Submarine Geoacoustic Presented by Prof. DONG Hefeng from Norwegian University of Science and Technology [2018-07-19]
IACAS Attended the OTO’18 Meeting Held in Japan [2018-06-22]
Institute A.M. Obukhov of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Visited IACAS and Renewed the Sci-Tech Cooperation Agreement Signed in 2014 [2018-06-05]
Chinese Researchers Achieve 3D Underwater Acoustic Carpet Cloak First with “Black Panther”-like Feat [2018-06-01]

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