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A Series of Shallow Water Acoustics Subjects Presented by Professor Boris Katsnelson from University of Haifa
Update time: 2016/09/23
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Date: September 22, 2016

Source: HU Zhiguo from the State Key Laboratory of Acoustics

Professor Boris Katsnelson from University of Haifa, Israel, visited the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) from August 29 to September 10.

Professor Boris Katsnelson is now a visiting scientist of “CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative”. During his visit at the Institute of Acoustics, he gave two academic lectures entitled “Estimation of bottom attenuate ion using spectrum of sound fluctuations on nonlinear internal waves” and “Estimation of bottom parameter using single element Time Reversal Mirror of noise correlation function”. They were hosted by Prof. ZHANG Renhe and Prof. LI Zhenglin from the State Key Laboratory of Acoustics and more than sixty IOA staff and students attended these lectures.

In the lectures, the sound intensity fluctuations in the presentence of nonlinear internal waves, the time reversal method and the application for bottom parameters estimation were introduced. Boris Katsnelson demonstrated the phenomena of the intensity fluctuations and the application of the time reversal method by experimental and numerical results, and the mode coupling method and noise interferometry were carried out to explain them.

Meanwhile, Boris Katsnelson also gave a series of lectures about the subject of shallow water acoustics, including “Shallow water acoustics. Statement of the problem, general description of sound propagation”, “Internal waves in shallow water. Sound propagation in the presence of internal waves. Mode coupling and horizontal refraction”, “Noise in shallow water. Spectrum, correlation function” and “Geoacoustic inversion, statement of the problem, methods, and several results”.

Besides, Professor Boris Katsnelson discussed the cooperative experiment conducted on the Kinnert Lake of Israel in July of 2016 with the State Key Laboratory of Acoustics, and also talked about the collaboration of the NFSC-ISF program and the Joint Graduate Training Program. Moreover, Boris Katsnelson had an extensive and active exchange with other experts of the IOA.

Boris Katsnelson is a professor of the Physics Department, Voronezh State University, Russia and the School of Marine Science, University of Haifa. He has done some excellent works on wave propagation theory, oceanography, underwater acoustics, acoustic tomography and mathematical physics. He has one hundred seventy publications including two books such as Shallow water acoustics and Fundamentals of shallow water acoustics. Recently, his research interests focus on sound propagation in three dimensional ocean environment.



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