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Laboratory of Noise & Vibration Control hunting for a group leader worldwide
Update time: 2007/08/03
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The Institute of Acoustics of Chinese Academy Sciences invites qualified individuals to apply for a research professor position in the Laboratory of Noise & Vibration Control. The successful candidate will be financially supported by the Hundred Talent Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with the IACAS, with a total funding amount up to RMB 3.0 M.

Job Descriptions

Provide research leadership and direction and serve as a technical resource to others; serve as a member of technical review boards.

1.Act as a principle investigator, developing and leading a research team focusing on creative, integrated solution in noise and vibration research. Identify research opportunities through establishing university and external partnership with top-class institutions. Participate in existing research activities, conduct innovative research, supervise master and doctoral students and publish significant research articles in peer-review journals. 

2.Actively seek for funding from the national research programs, such as the 863 and 973 projects. For more information about the 973 and 863 projects, please visit the websites and, or the other related funding from related industries

3.Through your effort, you will eventually establish a laboratory for sound and vibration research, lead this lab to conduct national flagship research and fulfill the research work arranged by the Institute of Acoustic in realizing the Third Term Knowledge Innovation of the IACAS based in the Knowledge Innovation Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Job selection Criteria 

1.Expert knowledge and minimum of 10 years of industrial or academic experience in structural acoustics modeling, experimental validation, and system-level design. Expertise must be based in solid understanding of the physics of acoustic wave propagation, reflection, dissipation, and scattering in free field and confined spaces.

2.Thorough understanding of physics basis and practical applications/limitations of structural acoustics analytical/computational tools (SEA, BEA, FEA, EFEA, etc.). Demonstrated application of modeling and experimental methods for source identification, prediction, and assessment of noise and vibration, and detailed design of active and/or passive noise control solutions, with applications to water-filled pipes.

3.Experience in experimental methods as part of basic physics understanding, model validation and concept verification associated with source and path diagnostics and structure/structure and fluid/structure interaction.

4.Ability to create detailed physics-based models of acoustic materials, liners, and mufflers. Demonstrated success in designing and implementing passive and active noise reduction techniques.

5.Demonstrated ability to lead multi-disciplinary teams to successfully achieve desired technical outcomes within time and budget constraints. Demonstrated ability to write proposals and win external funding /contracts /grants.

6.Record of technical contributions, including patents and publications in refereed technical journals. Proven success in innovative strategic and technical thinking and a willingness to champion and challenge new technical ideas. Excellent communication and leadership skills; innovative strategic and technical thinker; high energy.

7.You will independently carry out or conduct up to two significant research and application projects through collaborating with related industries.

The candidate filling this position could be considered for a professor-track position upon demonstrated satisfactory performance.

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