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The Network and New Media Technology Research Center hunting for a research group leader in broadband network and new media technology
Update time: 2007/08/03
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The Network and New Media Technology Research Center, a national technology engineering center founded by the Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is recruiting a research group leader professor world widely. This position will be financially supported by the Hundred Talent Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with the institute, with the total funding amount up to RMB 3.0 million CNY.

Job Descriptions

1. Based on the funding, you will actively conduct research activity for broadband network and new media technology, supervise Master and PhD students, and manage the group research progress. As the group leader, you will organize and develop a strong research team, manage related research project progress. On the other hand, you will identify research opportunities aiming to solve common problems in broadband network media and its supporting technology and actively participate in existing research activities, conduct innovative research, and publish significant research articles. 

2. You will actively seek for funding from the national research programs, such as the 863 and 973 programs. For more information about the 973 and 863 programs, please visit the websites and, or the other related funding from related industries

3. You will actively carry-out R&D activity in transversal network media content convergence and distribution technology, new media interactive service supporting technology and the associated intelligent terminal device technology. Through your effort, you will eventually establish a lab., and lead this lab to conduct national flagship research, and fulfill the research work arranged by the Institute of Acoustic in realizing the Third Phase Knowledge Innovation of the IACAS based in the Knowledge Innovation Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Job selection Criteria 

1. You should meet the basic requirement of the Hundred Talent Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Please refer to for detail.

2. You should have comprehensive knowledge and profound work experience in the research and development of network and new media technology;

3. You will be expected to organize and carry out the research on general and key technology of network and new media, including the convergence, distribution and delivery of new media content, the interaction and supporting technology of new media services, as well as the intelligent terminal technology for new media under heterogeneous network environment;

4. You will be expected to independently start up and carry out one or two significant related research and application projects through collaborating with related industries.

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