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Tracking-positioning of sound speed profiles and moving acoustic source in shallow water(2017 No.4)
Update time: 2017/12/06
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Title: Tracking-positioning of sound speed profiles and moving acoustic source in shallow water

Author(s): GUO Xiaole;YANG Kunde;MA Yuanliang;

Affiliation(s): Key Laboratory of Ocean Acoustics and Sensing (Northwestern Polytechnical University); et al.

Abstract: An ensemble Kalman filter(EnKF) approach is proposed to perform sequential tracking of water column sound speed profile(SSP) using a moving acoustic source. First,the SSPs are discretized in depth and range, and are expressed by the empirical orthogonal functions(EOFs). Second, the acoustic source state information and the first three orders of EOF coefficients are expressed as the state variable, and the acoustic field information received by the vertical line array are the measured values. Successively, the state variables and measured values are used to establish the state-measure model. Last, the EnKF is utilized to track the state variables. The simulation results show that the root mean square error of SSP and the absolute error of source are all small, and thus the acoustic source tracking-positioning has high accuracy. Moreover, increasing the number of sample collection, the signal-to-noise ratio and the number of receiving elements can improve the tracking-positioning results. The method is verified using the experimental data of the East China Sea.

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