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High frequency wideband underwater acoustic transducer for ring shaped composite material(2017 No.2)
Update time: 2017/12/06
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Title: High frequency wideband underwater acoustic transducer for ring shaped composite material

Author(s): WANG Hongwei;WANG Likun

Affiliation(s): Beijing Information Science and Technology University

Abstract: A kind of circular ring high frequency wideband underwater acoustic transducer is developed by using the Low Q value and broadband characteristics of the piezoelectricity composite material,and the dual mode coupling is used to broaden the bandwidth of the transducer by double ring stacking along the axial direction.Through theoretical analysis and simulation calculation,the geometric dimensions of the sensitive components are determined.The piezoelectric composite rings are processed and then the stack sensitive element can be made by stacking two piezoelectric composite rings with the same outer diameter and different thickness in axial direction by cutting piezoelectric ceramicsfilling the flexible polymer-coating electrode.Finally,the transducer can be made by pouring waterproof sound-permeable layer.The performances of transducer have also been tested in the water and the test results show that the resonant frequency is 410 kHz,the maximum transmit voltage response is 150 dB,the-3 dB bandwidth can reaches 60 kHz,the horizontal directivity(-5 dB) is 360°,and the vertical directivity(-3 dB) is 20°.It is also shown that the bandwidth of the transducer can be enlarged remarkably by using the method of stacking two different thickness piezoelectric composite rings along the axial direction,and the horizontal omnidirectional emission of acoustic wave can be realized.

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