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Inversion of acoustic mode coupling coefficient matrix (2007 No.2)
Update time: 2007/06/28
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LIU Jinzhong1  WANG Ning2  GAO Dazhi1

(1 Department of Physics; Weifang University  Weifang  261061)

(2 Department of Physics; Ocean University of China  Qingdao  266071)

Received Apr. 18, 2006

Revised Jun. 16, 2006

Abstract  It is found that the normal mode amplitude time series consist of multi-frequency component by analyzing the structure of acoustical signal when internal wave propagation exists, and each frequency is the product of internal wave speed and the normal mode wave number difference between acoustical receivers and source. The amplitude of each component is proportional to the acoustic mode coupling coefficient. The structure of the normal mode coefficient time series is still complex even the internal waves do not reshape when they propagate from the acoustical receivers to the source. A method is presented to compute the AMCCM by the feature of IWs?? motion and the relation between the AMCCM and the acoustical signal fluctuation amplitude. The IWs data measured in the 2001 Asia experiment (ASIAEX2001) is used to check the accuracy of this method by numerical simulation. It is show that the method is accurate to compute the AMCCM.

PACS number: 43.30

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