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Analytical research on structural-acoustic coupling of a cavity surrounded by flexible panel (2007 No.2)
Update time: 2007/06/28
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JIN Guoyong  YANG Tiejun  LIU Zhigang  JI Zhenlin  LI Wanyou

 (School of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University  Harbin  150001)

Received Mar. 28, 2006

Revised May 16, 2006

Abstract  The structural-acoustic coupling characteristics, mechanisms, effect of structural-acoustic coupling on natural mode and natural frequencies of the system are analyzed theoretically and numerically. Formulae for the natural frequencies of the coupled system are derived. Some new conclusions are obtained. Analytical results demonstrate that the strongly coupled system indicates obvious closed-loop feedback characteristics, whereas the weakly coupled system indicates obvious feedforward characteristics, and it is because of the presence of the feedback loop that the natural characteristics and natural frequencies are changed. Cluster coupling characteristics between the structural and acoustic modes for the regular cavity and panel system is found, which determines the coupling interaction between the flexible panel and cavity. Any mode in one mode cluster only interferes the modes and the modal natural frequencies in the same cluster independently. The modal cluster coupling changes not only the natural frequencies of the system but also the modal order and structural mode space.

PACS number: 43.20, 43.40

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