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The relationship between acoustic radiation modes and structural modes and its applications (2007 No.2)
Update time: 2007/06/28
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LI Shuang  CHEN Ke'an  

(College of Marine, Northwestern Polytechnical University  Xi'an  710072)

Received Apr. 6, 2006

Revised May 23, 2006

Abstract  Both acoustic radiation modes and structural modes play an important role in the field of structure-borne sound, however, little work has been done for inherent relations between these two kinds of modes. This paper is focused on the relationship between the radiation modes and structural modes and its physical mechanisms. First, a governing equation for relating the radiation mode and structural mode is given based on the characteristics of the modes. Then, using the symmetric or anti-symmetric properties of two kinds of modes, the corresponding relations are presented. And then, numerical examples are given to verify the theoretical investigation, and it has been shown that, for a simply supported rectangular panel vibrating at low frequencies, the first radiation mode is dominant corresponding to (odd, odd) structural modes; the following radiation modes are respectively dominate corresponding to (even, odd), (odd, even), and (even, even) structural modes. Finally, such relations are applied to active acoustic structural control and provide a direct help for the design of active control strategy and arrangement of the secondary forces. 

PACS number: 43.40, 43.50

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