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Ultrasonic field radiated by a normal shear wave probe (2007 No.1)
Update time: 2007/06/28
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WU Di  LI Mingxuan  WANG Xiaomin  CHENG Yue

(Institute of Acoustics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences  Beijing  100080)

Received Sept. 6, 2006

Revised Oct. 10, 2006

Abstract  The field of horizontally polarized ultrasonic shear wave radiated by a 2/2 piezoelectric composite normal probe was studied. The strictly analytic field solutions for two different surface forces were deduced and the field distribution and directivity patterns were given by numerical calculations. The vertical radiated field of shear wave was obtained theoretically and compared with experiment. The experimental result of directivity pattern confirmed the theoretical prediction, which provided the theoretical basis for the engineering application of the transducer.

PACS number: 43.35


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