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Academician Hou Zhaohuan
Update time: 2009/08/31
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Academician Hou Zhaohuan had participated into 12 national significant projects. For his outstanding performance, he was granted 3 national awards and 4 CAS awards. In 1980s, he carried out the researches in parallel array signal processing and successfully developed DSP-1---- array signal processor. He was the first to do the researches in VLSI signal processing and successfully integrated signal processing on a very high speed chip.

By the end of 1993, he had accomplished the research of FFT (fast Fourier transform), DBF (digital beam forming) and signal filter, QRD-RLS and so on. Since 1994, he has been devoting himself to the research of CPU with DSP functions. This program has been listed on the "973 Program" and Academician Hou was appointed to be the chief scientist in the program.

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