Address from the Director


Welcome to IOA!

Institute of Acoustics (IOA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established in 1964. As one of the national institutions, IOA aims to be one of world's leading R&D center in the fields of acoustics and information processing technologies and serves for the nation's needs on related fields.

Since the implementing of the Knowledge Innovation Program in 1999, IOA adjusted the research directions and rebuilt the talents construction timely. By perfecting the management system and concentrating on the research goals, the technical creation ability of IOA was highly improved and it played a more and more important role in the research field of acoustics and information processing technologies.

IOA consists of 9 laboratories/research centers in Beijing, including the State Key Laboratory of Acoustics and the National Network New Media Engineering Research Center, as well as three CAS key laboratories on noise and vibration research, the underwater acoustic environment, and speech acoustics and content understanding, respectively. In addition, the institute has three field stations located in Hainan, Shanghai and Qingdao, respectively, and one acoustical technology transfer center in the city of Jiaxing, Zhejiang. 

IOA’s research focuses on underwater acoustics and underwater acoustical detection, environmental acoustics and noise control technologies, ultrasonics and acoustical microelectromechanical system technologies, communication acoustics and language and speech information processing, integration of acoustics and digital systems, high performance network technologies and network new media technologies.

Till the end of 2013, IOA has a staff of more than 800, including about 730 scientific and technical personnel. Among them are four CAS members.

Looking back, we feel proud of the great achievements obtained; looking ahead, we are facing heavy tasks and high social expectations. We will work in a down-to-earth manner and try to draw a new and beautiful picture for the future development of IOA!