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Academician Zhang Renhe
Update time: 2009/08/31
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Academician Zhang Renhe has made systematic researches on the principles of shallow and deep water sound physics. He was the first to present the universal law about attenuation and group velocity of normal mode, which explained how the sound velocity structures and boundary conditions in shallow water affected the field. He also gave a clear physics picture of the normal mode. All of these have constructed the basic formula of Ray-Mode theory. He was the first to discover the multi-path structure of signal waveform in shallow water with a thermocline and derived a concise and accurate formula for predicting the waveform structure. He put forward a theoretical prediction that among a certain distant the space correlation would increase with the distance especially for low-frequency field and this conjecture was finally proved by practical marine experiments.

Academician Zhang has been engaged in marine acoustics for about 40 years. Now he is still on the first line of researching and teaching. He participated in marine investigations for more than a hundred times. As the chief scientist, he led the Sino-American and Sino-Russian investigation teams to do researches in the far Pacific Ocean for four times and got plenty of significant research data and materials. He had successfully carried out a serious of researches on "smooth-averaged sound field theory", "the unified theory of shallow water sound-field", "the theory and application of long-distance sound propagation" and so on. Besides the rich practical experience, he also got impressive achievements in theoretical studies. He had published more than 140 academic papers on the journals and proceedings domestic and international.

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