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Academician Ying Chongfu
Update time: 2009/08/31
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Academician Ying Chongfu devoted himself to the research of Ultrasonics. He made great contributions in many aspects of this subject, such as dispersion of ultrasonics in solids, ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers, ultrasonic propagation in soft tissues, power ultrasonics, laser ultrasound and so on. He published more than 100 papers, among which the early ones on ultrasonic dispersion in solid materials have become the foundation for the later development of ultrasonics.

Academician Ying was appointed to be in charge of many national significant tasks in ultrasonic testing. He cooperated with others to publish the book titled Ultrasonics. He was also the chief editor of Applied Acoustics. For his hard work and outstanding performance, he was granted national awards for 4 times and CAS awards 2 times. He was once the president of board of Chinese Acoustical Society and deputy director of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and so on.  


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