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Academician Ma Dayou
Update time: 2009/08/31
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During his more than 50 years' research career, Academician Ma Dayou devoted himself to the study of physical acoustics and architectural acoustics. Even back to his school days, he began to pay attention to the normal mode theory. In 1938, he published his first paper titled "The distribution of the low frequency normal mode in a rectangular room", which later became the source for applied normal mode theory and room acoustics. Later he involved in the research work of "The decay of sound in rectangular room" and got his doctor degree by his three papers of the same topic on the inhomogeneous boundary of rectangular room. From then on, he published more than 180 papers on room acoustics and some other subjects. In 1959, he was appointed to be in charge of the acoustic design work of the Great Hall of the People. This splendid hall is the meeting place for People"s Congress and is often used to hold many important performances. The quality of the sound was highly valued by all the visitors home and abroad.

Academician Ma launched the researches of outdoor pneumatic loudspeaker and put forward the pneumatic loudspeaker theory. He invented microperforated-panel absorbers (MPA) and micropore muffler. In order to carry out all these researches, he advocated setting up our country's first acoustic laboratory, which owned lots of experiment devices equipment including reverberation room, sound insulation room, anechoic room, experiment water tank and high-intensity sound laboratory. He developed the theory and technology of active room noise control by restraining normal node of vibration. In recent years, he shifted his focus to the researches of nonlinear acoustics and intensive noise. He successfully did the experiment and got the intensity acoustic field of 180 dB in the standing wave tube. He established the nonlinear standing wave theory. Moreover, he further extended the MPA theory and explored its new characteristics and applications.

For his outstanding performance and great contributions, Academician Ma was granted many awards, such as National Science Conference Award (1978), CAS Great Technological Achievements (1980), National Science Award (1981), Gold Medal of Fraunhofer Society and ALFA Award of Architectural Physics Institute (1997) and The Holeung Ho Lee Science Progress Award (1998).  

Career Data


Honorary Vice-Chairman, 8th China Democratic League, Central Committee


Member, 8th CPPCC, National Committee, Standing Committee


Vice-Chairman, 7th China Democratic League, Central Committee


Member, 7th CPPCC, National Committee, Standing Committee


Vice-President, Chinese Society of Electronics


Member, 6th CPPCC, National Committee


President, Acoustics Society of China


Vice-President, Acoustics Society of China


Member, 5th CPPCC, National Committee


Deputy, 4th NPC


Executive Council Member, China Physics Society


Vice-President, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Graduate School


Vice-President, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Physics Research Institute (Electronics and Acoustics)


Senior Research Fellow, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Physics Research Institute (Electronics and Acoustics)


Deputy Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Division of Mathematics and Physics


Member, 3rd CPPCC, National Committee


Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Applied Physics


Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Member, 2nd CPPCC, National Committee


Professor, Harbin Polytechnical University Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City


Dean of Studies, Harbin Polytechnical University Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City


Professor, Southwest Associated University


Professor, Beijing University, Physics Department Beijing Municipality


Graduate, Harvard University, Physics Department USA, Massachusetts, Cambridge (Received Doctorate)


Graduate, Beijing University, Physics Department Beijing Municipality ( from China Vitae)


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