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Prof. Paul White from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research Presented an Academic Report about STEMM-CCS

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On November 25, 2019, invited by CAS Key Laboratory of Noise and Vibration Research and CAS Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Environment, Prof. Paul White from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton, UK visited the Institute of Acoustics, and gave an academic report on the ISVR and Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage. Researcher GAO Yan chaired the seminar, and nearly 30 scholars and graduate students attended the seminar.

Prof. Paul White gave an overview of the University of Southampton, the structure and history of the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, and its research contents, including acoustics, vibration, human sciences, signal processing and control. After that, he gave a detailed introduction to STEMM-CCS (Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage). Prof. Paul White first introduced the implementation framework of carbon capture and storage, and the monitoring problem of carbon leakage that STEMM-CCS needs to solve. Then he analyzed the changes in the marine environment caused by carbon leakage stored in the seafloor, and proposed several detection methods including acoustic detection method. Finally, the experiment which carried out in 2019 was introduced, including the experimental design and experimental results of single channel.

In the Q&A session, Prof. Paul White answered many questions related to the experiment, such as the volume distribution of bubbles generated by leaking gas, the frequency distribution of bubble sound, and the effect of gas leakage on the sound velocity of sediments. Then he discussed with the researchers about the deployment of active and passive sonar equipment and their functions, the feasibility of using sound scattering caused by bubbles for measurement, and the advantages and limitations of different detection methods, etc.

Paul White is the Professor of Statistical Signal Processing within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. He is currently with the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR). After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics in 1985, he pursued a doctorate at the University of Southampton, became a lecturer in ISVR in 1988 and awarded his Chair in 2004. His research interests include signal processing, underwater acoustics and bioacoustics. He is primarily concerned with developing tools to assist in the computer-aided analysis of underwater sounds and understanding the role of those sounds in the marine environment.

Prof. Paul White was delivering his report.