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The 6th National Assembly of Delegates of Chinese Acoustical Society was Held

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The 6th National Assembly of Delegates of Chinese Acoustical Society, namely the 2006 National Acoustical Academic Conference was held from Oct.18 to Oct.22, 2006, in Xiamen. The conference was truly a gathering of different generations from the pioneers to the new-comers in acoustical family. The academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences Ma Dayou, Ying Chongfu, Zhang Renhe, Hou Chaohuan and Yang Shie, the Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Ma Yuanliang and Wu Shuoxian, and 430 scientists in acoustics attended this conference.

In the demand of regulations of Chinese Acoustical Society, the delegates listened to the work report, the finance report and the revision regulation by the 5th council and approved those reports with warm applause. The delegates elected 98 members of the 6th council, among whom 25 staff were from IACAS. In the first session of the 6th council, 30 members were elected as the standing council members of Chinese Acoustical Society among whom 11 members were from IACAS. Doctor Tian Jing was appointed as the president of the 6th council, Yang Desen, Zongjian, Qian Menglu, Cheng Jianchun the vice-president and Zhang Chunhua the general secretary. The council approved to appoint Zhang Renhe and Hou Chaohuan as the Honorary President and Wang Weiqi, Wang Chenhao, Gong Xianyi and Hou Ziqiang the Honorary council members. 

In the conference, 3 oral presentations were made by Ying Chongfu, Shen Junxian and Li Mingxuan, titled as "Application of Acoustic Processing in Liquid and Acoustic Cavitation Project", the "Research and New Development of Animal Acoustic Communication and Auditory Model" and "Detecting Ultrosonics", respectively. These 3 plenary speeches introduced the latest progress and development in the fields of acoustical cavitation, acoustic communication and ultrasonic detecting. They were warmly welcomed and let all the audiences benefit a lot.

356 papers were submitted to the conference organization committee, from which 282 papers were selected to orally present in 7 plenary sessions and collected to publish in the journal of technical acoustics according to the acoustical divisions: 13 on physical acoustics, 62 on underwater acoustics, 58 on ultrasonics and acoustic effect, 34 on noise and noise control, 14 on architectural acoustics, 14 on verbal acoustics and speech communication, 11 on physiological and psychological acoustics, 1 on bioacoustics, 3 on musical acoustics, 55 on methods and devices of acoustic measurement, signal processing and analysis and 14 on acoustic transducers.

Two structural sessions are organized on Vector Hydrophone and Standard of Environmental Noise in the conference.

The conference impressed the delegates deeply in warm discussions, harmonious organization and environment, fruitful and high-level research results.

139 scientists of IACAS attended the conference and submitted 96 papers, among which 91 were selected to publish in the journal of technical acoustics.