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Xiangshan Construction Project Satisfactorily Completed

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On Sep.29, 2006, the Completion Ceremony of Xiangshan Construction Project of IACAS was held in Xiangshan Experimental Station. Director Tian Jing accompanied by his assistants, Chief Designer Hou Chaohuan and the representives of construction company attended the ceremony.

Director Tian Jing and Chief Designer Hou Chaohuan delivered speeches on the ceremony, respectively, praising the quality of the new buildings and enjoying the environment of the rebuilt park. The representatives of construction company expressed their sincere thankfulness to IACAS and shared their excitment for the successful completion of the project. After 10 month's hard work, the project was successfully completed by the intimate cooperation of builder, supervisor, designer and contractor. This project will greatly improve the work environment of our institute and lay a solid foundation for future research work.