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Prof. NI Hong

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NI Hong

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Associate Director and Associate Party Committee Secretary of IACAS, Part-time Doctoral Supervisor of Automation Department of USTC (University of Science and Technology of China), Member of National Broadcast and Television Standardization Technology Committee, Editor in chief of Microcomputer Applications. 

Tel: 010-62565615

E-mail: nih@dsp.ac.cn

Research Direction:

Wideband Multi-media Communication

Achievements and Awards:

Prof. NI Hong has been engaged in the researches of DSP and its application in Communication. The research field covered many aspects, such as sound and image processing, DVB, network and multi-media communication, embedded system and middleware technology and so on. He had published many papers in the journals home and abroad. Prof. NI Hong won one CAS Science and Technology of 1st grade and one Wang Dezhao Youth Science and Technology Award.

Current and Recent Research Fields:

Wideband Multi-media Communication, Application of Network Flow Media, Embedded System and Middleware Technology, Radio and Audio processing and communication, Digital Signal Processor and its application.