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Professor Hou Ziqiang

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Hou Ziqiang was born in August, 1937 in Shanghai. He graduated from Physics Department of Beijing University in 1958. He was once appointed as the director of Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS) and general secretary of CAS. Now he is the professor of CAS and president of Shenzhen Kejian Group.

Since the end of 1950s, Prof. Hou has been engaged in acoustics and signal processing researches. He was in charge to design the first nearshore comprehensive sonar, push forward the application of digital signal processing into sonar, research and develop the beam shaping computer and submarine comprehensive sonar. The above researches were granted the National Science Conference Award, CAS Science and Technology Progress Award (the 1st grade) and National Science and Technology Progress Award (the 1st grade), respectively.
During his term as general secretary of CAS, Prof. Hou devoted himself to the science and technology system reform and establishment of high-tech industry in our country. In 1980s, he returned to the research forefront, closely followed the international frontier technologies and greatly advocated the electronic products of signal technology, wide band communication technology and information. He set up the DSP center in IACAS in 1994, which specialized in the production of signal electronic consumables, R&D new type of network communication equipment and developed VCD, DVD, signal television internet data broadcasting multifunctional set-top box and so on. Since 1997, he advocated to develop informatization fundamental equipment based on wide band network technology. In Feb. 1999, on behalf of IACAS, he put forward the proposal of carrying on "China High Speed Internet Demonstration Project". In recent years, Prof. Hou was engaged in the research of network and published a series of academic papers and works, such as Sonar Signal Processing - Theory and Equipment, Medical Diagnosis Digital Imaging Technology, Wide Band IP Technology, Network Technology - Wide Band* Information Security.
Prof. Hou is not only a scientist, but also a successful entrepreneur. He set up China Kejian Co.Ltd., which was the first high-tech enterprise listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and also the first listed company of CAS. Kejian Company broke the traditional rule and developed the first nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment. In 1998, he grasped the opportunities and diverted the company to produce mobile phones. In 1999, Kejian Mobile Phone successfully came into market and became the main manufacturer of mobile phone in the home market.